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I am Alex Dominguez,
and I want to be your next
State Representative for District 37.

I care about this District and the city I call home - Brownsville. If I am elected, I can guarantee that I will work hard and fight for you. I think more needs to be done to help our district, and I think we need a more responsive representative. We need jobs. Our schools are having to drastically cut their budgets. Our streets, roads, and bridges need upgrading. These are all things a great representative should address in Austin.

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I am a positive person and I intend to run a positive campaign. You will see me around town at events and you can always find me at the Cameron County Courthouse.
I am an attorney, but before that I was a teacher for three years. I know what it is like to be in the classroom dealing with limited resources and various different personalities. I think the best representative for us is one who is like us. I have studied the issues. I am willing to work hard. I am ready for Austin.

I want to be the VOICE you deserve in Austin.